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INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ASSOCIATES (ITA) is pleased to present you with our 2019 Training Programmes plus our conference dates and venue.

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In addition to the normal calendar courses for year 2019, ITA also provides an Open-date Programme and the latest Accounting Courses – 2 Weeks Intensive – New.

With the Open-date Programme an applicant has the option to choose any course:
  • Determine your own date of attendance and advice us
  • ITA will arrange and provide the full training
  • Training covers the duration on the Open-date Programme
  • Training starts on the date you choose to attend

This Flex-date Training arrangement is for the convenience of prospective applicants who cannot join our regular calendar courses.

  • Our portfolio of Training Programmes is designed to be intellectually challenging
  • Practically relevant to equip you with the skills you need
  • Ensures an outstanding performance in business and management
Whether you are funding your own development or being sponsored, our wide range of training programmes will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to reap the maximum benefit from the investment.

At ITA, you are assured of the best in training and delivery.

Our courses are instructor-led, group paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities in an adult learning environment, combined with project work, field trips and excursions.




Performance based objectives is the cornerstone of ITA training.


At ITA, we care for all

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