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INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ASSOCIATES (ITA) provides specialized training as well as consulting services for governments and non-governmental organizations, bi-and multilateral assistance agencies, financial institutions and private businesses.

Training is skill-based and tailored to meet each participant's needs, placing emphasis on interactive adult learning without sacrificing individual development.

Participants confidently return to their work environment fully prepared to handle a wide range of professional challenges and solve problems.


At the end of a course, ITA training shapes itself to our participants needs, and evolves in a way that enables future modifications, applications, and extensions based both on the participants changing needs and on their organization's changing capabilities.

ITA's unique training provides participants with an exciting and rewarding life-long learning experience, combining practical classroom learning with real workplace day-to-day problems, field trips and study tours.


Our training can assist participants and their organizations improve efficiency significantly, realizing cost-savings in service delivery and operations.

Continuous sustainable development of employee skills and empowerment is paramount in our training.

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