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Course No:Course TitleDuration (Weeks)
Course No:Course TitleDuration (Weeks)
19A/01           Accounting for Beginners2
19A/02    Advanced Financial Accounting2
19A/03    Advanced Financial Reporting for Government2
19A/04    Advanced Government Accounting2
19A/05    Asset and Liability Management2
19A/06    Budgeting and Financial Management2
19A/07    Budgeting and Fiscal Decentralisation Programme2
19A/08    Budgets and Budgetary Control2
19A/09    Cash flow and Credit Control Management2
19A/010                        Computer Applications in Finance and Accounts2
19A/011                        Computerised Financial Management2
19A/012                        Corporate Strategic Management2
19A/013                        Debt Management Strategies2
19A/014                        Economic Modelling and Financial Forecasting2
19A/015                        Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers2
19A/016                        Financial Management and Disbursement of Donor Funded Projects2
19A/017                        Financial Management for Public Funds2
19A/018                        Financial Transparency and Accountability2
19A/019                        Fraud Prevention, Detection and Corruption2
19A/020                        Fund Raising and Resource Mobilisation Techniques2
19A/021                        Good Corporate Governance2
19A/022                        Good Governance and Policy Analysis2
19A/023                        International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)2
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